About Me

I am a passionate product designer who uses design to solve real life problems...

I am deeply passionate about art and design, and I bring that fervor to each and every project I have the privilege of contributing to. As a multidisciplinary digital designer, I have a wealth of experience in crafting web products, mobile applications, and more. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with startups, small enterprises, larger corporations, and government entities, collaborating closely with them to create products that not only serve their users effectively but also align with their business objectives.

Here is what my design process looks like...

While I have a diverse toolbox of design and prototyping tools at my disposal, as well as experience with various workshop exercises, my approach to each project is highly adaptable and contingent on the project's unique goals, available resources, and the composition of the team I collaborate with. However, at a broader level, my methodology is characterized by pragmatism and a straightforward orientation, always considering the context of both product usage and production.

I begin by diligently defining the problem from multiple angles, taking into account user needs and internal requirements through a blend of quantitative and qualitative research methods. I then establish a robust framework for generating and assessing solutions, taking both short and long-term perspectives into account. My process is inherently collaborative, emphasizing the synthesis of information and the alignment of business objectives with user goals.

Furthermore, my background as a person of color from a low-income upbringing has instilled in me a profound passion for problem-solving in a manner that enhances the lives of individuals from all backgrounds. At this stage in my career, I've come to understand that the value of a design lies less in its aesthetic appeal and more in its capacity to effectively address challenges in an achievable, practical, and, most importantly, inclusive manner

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